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PI Participating Interest
TBA To be Assessed
KM2 Kilometer Square
OOIP Original Oil in Place
MMBBLS Million Metric Barrels
BOPD Barrels of Oil per Day
Sq. Kms Square Kilometers
KSG Kharsang
STOOIP Stock Tank Original Oil in Place
PSC Production Sharing Contract-
GOCS Gas & Oil Collecting Station
API American Petroleum Institute
Avg. Average
Deg: Degree
md Millidarcy
2D Two Dimensions
3D three Dimensions
EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery
Mts meters
ABOND Abandoned
OIL_PROD Oil Producer
INT_OIL Intermittent Oil
SRP-OIL_PROD Sucker Rod Pump – Oil Producer
S/I_OIL Shut in Oil
S/I_GAS Shut in Gas
PUD Proven Un-Developed
NCOMP_SI Non Completion Shut in
MMBO Million Metric Barrels of Oil
JOC Joint Operating Company
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
FPSO Floating Production, Storage & Offshore Loading
TOTEN Total Enhancement
Sq. Ft Square Feet
ISO International Standard Organization
NQA National Quality Assurance
B.Sc. Bachelor of Science
B.Tech. Bachelor of Technology
B.A. Bachelor of Arts
B.Com. Bachelor of Commerce
B.E. Bachelor of Engineering
M.Sc. Master of Science
M.Tech. Master of Technology
M.A. Master of Arts
M.Com. Master of commerce
M.E. Master of Engineering
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